Antimalware Service Executable High CPU Usage

Lagging and antimalware service executable is the worst problem you can get on your window PC setup .Now, it can be caused by installing many programs , software low end hardware and lot of other materials . But many time is has something to do with the CPU usage . Now it doesn’t mean that you’d need to reform your processer . Sometimes it’s just “not-so-necessary” tasks which clear your CPU usage . so this is where Anti malware service executable comes into play . Here, all information will be given about MsMpEng.exe Antimalware service executable window 10 and 100 Disk usage. 

Antimalware Service Executable is very common problem in window 7,8 & 10 with our advice you will be able to solve this problem in a minutes .


What is Antimalware Service Executable ?

If you go to the task manager, you’d find lots of unnecessary functions draining the resources . One among these unnecessary functions is the “Antimalware Service Executable “. Here, we will be discussed the solution for MsMpEng.exe   Service Executable .

Antimalware Service Executable Windows 10

Window 10 include window Defender mircosoft’s built-in antivirus .The “ Antimalware Service Executable “ process is window Defender’s background process .This program is also known  as MsMpEng.exe and is part of windows operating system. We informed you all about Antimalware Service Executable will be gone forever . Antimalware Service Executable reminds running in the background . It’s responsible for checking file for malware when you access them , performing background system scans to check for dangerous software , installing antivirus , and anything else a securing application like windows Defender needs to do.  

Antimalware Service Executable is High CPU usage error , you can share our advise with all your friends who are facing the same issue .

Window Defender provides Real time protection and that’s why it’s  scanning your computer and making it slow down . MsMpEng.exe is a process of the windows defender . In this article , we have assemble a procedure to fix Antimalware Service Executable High usage . This procedure work fir all windows 7 , 8 and 10 . you carefully follow all the steps to fix this error . 

How to disable Antimalware Service Executable High CPU ?

Procedure  1 : Change window Defender’s schedule Immediately  

 Now you know that the background process is run by windows Defender . windows Defender is good for your PC protection but on the other hand , it really does slow down your PC . The MsMpEng.exe antimalware high CPU error can be fixed very quickly if you follow our guideline .

So , you might want to instruction unplan it or update it to a time when you are not clear your CPU . Here is the procedure to do it . 

Windows Defender Antimalware Service Executable :

  1. 1 . Go to the start menu and type “Task Schedular “ , Click on the “ Task Schedular “. 
  2. 2.  In the left side these would be a direction sheet , Final task scheduler library and double click . Then developing the folders and navigation to Library / Microsoft /Windows / Windows Defender .
  3. Open the Window Defender folder and double click to Windows Defender scheduled scan .
  4. Click “ Conditions Tab “  , uncheck all options and finally click OK . All of your schedule scans would be cleared . 
  5. We suggested you to schedule some new scans for the safe side . It can be done in process that it won’t affect the performance of your PC .
  6. Double click on Windows Defender scan , activates and then click New .
  7. Opening the new tab click the scan .
  8. Create a new scan schedule according to the time that fits you . we would suggest you to do it once a week . 
  9. The last step is to repeat the process for Windows Defender supply maintenance , Windows Defender Clean up , Window Defender Verification which can be found in the Library / Microsoft / Windows / Windows Defender Folder .
  10. Restart your PC and use it without any errors .

So , these were the steps for changing windows Defender Schedule . If you don’t like this process then we do have an alternative method below is procedure # 2 if you are interested .

MsMpEng.exe Antimalware Service Executable

Procedure 2 : Add Antimalware Service Executable 100 Disk as an exclusion 

Windows Defenders is scanning your computer every file . And due to this , the speed of your computer slows down . MsMpEng.exe is a process which is available while this error remove . Antimalware Service Executable High CPU can be fixed with this . You can add windows Defender for keep away from any performance issues . 

Here is how do it 

  1. Go to the start menu and click search option or open Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift +Esc 
  2. You will see many process and you will want to Antimalware Service Executable . Right Click on the process and open file location .
  3. In the address bar you will see the full way of Antimalware Service Executable. Copy the full way . 
  4. Check for the Antimalware Service Executable Window 10 and 100 Disk usage too . 
  5. Now , go to the start menu and open the Windows Defender Security Center .
  6. Click on virus and threat protection and find “ Exclusion “ and Click Add or remove exclusion . Now , Click on Add an extension , select File and Paste the full way to Antimalware Service Executable in the address bar . Finally Click Open abd it will be added to the exclusion list .
  7.  Restart your PC and login to Windows PC using the Default username and password .

If you find that this procedure is not working then we have another method . Below we discuss another procedure 3 for fixing the error that is completely disabling the windows Defender of Antimalware Service Executable full Disk . 

Antimalware Service Executable Disk Usage 

Procedure 3 : Completely Disable Windows Defender 

In this article , we discussed two methods to clear Antimalware Service Executable high CPU . It is very different from these method . You can use this method to clear the problem completely . This is the process present in the Windows Defender . 

Antimalware Service Executable MsMpEng.exe 

How , disable windows Defender ?

Available in this Procedure 

  1. Go to start menu and Open the Run Box or by pressing Windows key + R 
  2. In Run Box type regedit and Click OK and open the Registry Editor . 
  3. On your left side you will see a navigation pane . Double click on the Folder  navigation to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE / Polices / Microsoft / Windows Defender .
  4. Look for a registry named “Disable Antispyware “ and set ir . 
  5. Reboot your system and check the problem is solved or not .
  6. If the MsMpEng.exe Antimalware problem does not go away . you can check out our other posts too . 

In this article , we discusses 3 procedure to disable Antimalware Service Executable Window 10 . You can select any methods that suitable for you . If the problem of MsMpEng.Exe Antimalware Service Executable continue with one solve method then you can try other two . This way will definately solve this problem . still if it gets you must inform us about it by commenting or contacting us . 

Final Verdict about Antimalware Service Executable High Ram :

In this post , we hope that all your doubts cleared about Antimalware Service Executable . Keep watching to our blog for more informative posts and latest update . In case you have any questions you can freely contact us.