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Bell Mail – Bell Canada Enterprise or BCE is Canada’s largest communication network and associated mass media holding. The Bell Mail is another popular service provided by the company to the Bell Services users. It provides all the basic email services like send and receive emails, calendar, Tasks, and contacts. Also, it is completely safe to use the Bell Mail, there are many great features of the Bell Mail that we are going to discuss below.

Characteristics of Bell Mail

The Bell Mail is easy to use and user-friendly as stated by many users. Some other important features of the Bell Mail is listed below.

  • If you have the master Bell Mail Account then you can create further 15 email accounts.
  • These new Bell Mail Account can be used by the other member of your family and friends.
  • Protection features are spam protection and email virus protection help you feel protected while using the Bell Mail.
  • Contacts – Add and Create new contacts on your list and keep track of them.
  • Calendar – Schedule meetings and appointments and check calendar view for a better interface.
  • Task – Create and Track various Reminders and check and keep track of your activity.
  • To access the services of the Bell Mail, you just simply need to visit on the browser.

What is the Storage Limit of Bell Mail?

The Bell Email provides sufficient storage space for the users which increases automatically as per the need of the user.

But in case of insufficient of storage space, you will get an email asking you to delete some emails. In such case, you can follow these guidelines to save your emails.

If you use email software:

  • Check your emails regularly and save the important attachments on your device.
  • Also, make sure your email server is not set to “leave mail on server”.

If you use Bell Mail online:

  • Go to the mailbox and save all the attachments to the hard drive.
  • Empty junk and spam from the mailbox.

How get Bell Mail Service?

To get the Bell Mail services, you must have a subscription to the other Bell Services. After that, you can register yourself for the Bell Email.

  • After registering yourself, you will get the Bell ID, which will include the email address and password.
  • Using this password, you can log in to your Master Bell Email Account.
  • After that, you can change the password of the account anytime you want.
  • Also, you can create further sub-account using their services.

You can create as much as 15 sub-accounts using the Bell Mail services. Also, for more information, call the Bell Support and get interesting details about the Bell email.

How to Create Bell Email Address?

To create Bell Email Address, you must have the master Bell Mail account. Follow these steps to create a Bell Mail email address.

  • Open a web browser and simply visit the on the URL section of the browser.
  • Login to the Bell Account using the email address and password.
  • Under the manage service setting, click on Change next to the email address section.
  • Once done with above steps, click on Create a New Email Address button on the screen.
  • Complete the details of the email address you wish to create and click Save.
  • You new Bell email address and ready to use.

If you are facing any issue while creating a new Bell email account then feel free to call the Bell Mail support service.

Reset the Bell Mail Password

Follow these steps to reset the password of the Bell email address.

  • Open the web browser and visit in the URL section.
  • Simply log in to the master Bell Mail account using the login credentials.
  • Click on the Change button on your screen.
  • Then choose to change the password of the email address.
  • Enter the password for the email address and hit the save button.
  • Finally, your password for the email address has been updated successfully.

If you are unable to reset the password using the above steps then feel free to call the bell support and talk to an expert to help you fix your password issue.

Recover your Bell Email Address

To recover the forgotten email address of your bell account, you can follow these steps.

  • Visit on your web browser.
  • Login to the Bell Account using the login credentials such as username and password.
  • On your Bell account, click on Manage Service Settings.
  • Check all the email address generated by you and recover the one you have forgotten.

Once created, you can not change the existing email address. It is advised to remember the email address and password of the master bell account. Otherwise, you will lose access to all other Bell Account. In case you have forgotten the username and password of the Bell account, contact the Bell Support for assistance and recovery of Bell ID.

Issues Related to Bell Mail

  • Email Sending and Receiving error
  • Mail services not working
  • Unable to check the emails
  • Some emails are missing
  • Sending or receiving duplicate emails
  • How to create a new mailbox
  • Attachments are not opening in Bell Mail
  • Service down
  • Emails are not delivering
  • Spam emails
  • Error message display while using the Bell Services
  • Calendar issue with
  • Exhausted storage space
  • Forgotten password and email address

These are some common issues faced by users when using the Bell email services. To fix this issue call the Bell Mail Support.

Bell Mail Support

Along with impeccable emailing services the Bell also provides satisfactory support services for the users. For all the above-listed issues and many more, simply place a call at the toll-free number. In addition, talk to an expert to resolve your problems without any hassle.

Once you place the call on the toll-free number, your call will be redirected to a technician depending on your issue. Then the technician will examine the cause of your error and provide you with the troubleshooting steps to fix the error. Furthermore, the technician will also provide you with tips to avoid any further issues in future. Call now and fix all your Bell Mail issues.

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